Search Engine Marketing, as distinct from Search Engine Optimisation, focuses on the development and optimisation of a paid search strategy, incorporating advertising on search engines and networks, primarily the Google Adwords network. An effective digital marketing strategy should incorporate the accessibility, timeliness and targeting capabilities of Search Engine Marketing. It allows you to deliver your advertising message to customers rapidly with high precision in a cost effective manner.

Search Engine Marketing complements other elements of a digital marketing strategy, including SEO and social media strategy. Not only can it deliver an effective branding message, most notably though display networks, but it can also deliver an effective return on investment through product and service engagement and conversions.

What are the Benefits?

Targeted Traffic
SEM allows you to deliver your advertising message very precisely in a highly targeted fashion to niche groups, demographics or geographies.

Instant Results
Unlike SEO, which takes time to deliver results, Search Engine Marketing can have targeted traffic to your website within hours.

Cost Effective
SEM has one of the lowest customer cost per acquisition rates amongst all the available tactics. It delivers traffic and conversions in a cost effective and transparent fashion.

Branding Benefits
As well as traffic to your website, SEM has the ability to driving branding initiatives, especially through the display advertisement network, promoting your brand to potential customers.