Marketing analytics comprises the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by measuring performance using metrics, such as return-on-investment (ROI), marketing attribution and overall marketing effectiveness. With the evolution of digital marketing and the advancement of technology over the past five years, marketing metrics, which were once reserved for multinationals and large enterprises with considerable budget, have now become accessible to the wider business community. It is now possible to measure, analyse and gain insights from digital marketing campaigns in a cost effective manner using tools such as Google Analytics.

What are the Benefits?

Accurately Measure Return on Marketing Investment
Ensure that your marketing spend is allocated to the most profitable channels and that you are not wasting precious budget on campaigns and channels that are not delivering a return.

Understand Consumer Behaviour
Understanding how consumers interact with your online presence allows you to better inform your strategy

Insight Driven Management Decisions
The strategic insights that an analytics strategy delivers allows you to better target your campaign activity and to react quickly to changing market conditions and consumer behaviour.